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Finding the right words for Sydney

As the dust settles on the 16-hour siege in Martin Place on Monday, the words begin. Or rather, continue; whether you feel the media on the whole showed admirable restraint on Monday, or else fuelled fears and speculation, ceaseless commentary is now simply a reality of the internet age.

It’s right for the autopsies to start – for the Australian…

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  1. Image: Life and Faith: At the Movies: Summer 2014
    Life and Faith: At the Movies: Summer 2014

    Life and Faith reviews Exodus, The Water Diviner, and Interstellar.  

  2. Image: The Galilean who rules the world
    The Galilean who rules the world

    John Dickson explains the implausability of a man from Galilee becoming the ruler of the world.

  3. Image: Life and Faith: Original Sin
    Life and Faith: Original Sin

    Life and Faith considers the question: are we “born bad”?  

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CPX in the Media

Anti-religious card is poor way to oppose Abbott’s uni policy - At Online Opinion, Michael Bird defends the place of theological colleges in our education system
Disability and humanity - Vaughan Olliffe weighed the broader implications of our attitude as a society towards disability in an article for On Line Opinion.
An American export we could use - Natasha Moore writes for The Drum on why out of all the American exports to our shores - from Halloween to HBO - maybe Thanksgiving is the one to embrace - and be thankful for.
I’ll eat a page from my Bible if Jesus didn’t exist - At The Drum John Dickson responsed to claims by the director of an Adelaide sceptical society that a 'wave' of contemporary historians doubt that Jesus ever lived.
Religion has its flaws but it has a right to be heard - In the Herald Sun, Barney Zwartz responded to an earlier article by columnist Tom Elliot, which claimed that religion was flawed and should remain private.