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Born Bad?

Few ideas seem more archaic, harsh, or just irrelevant to the modern mind than original sin. The dusty tale of Adam and Eve, forbidden fruit, and an ancestral curse recedes ever further into the mythic past. In the age of entitlement, we hold fast instead to the tenets of self-definition, self-help, and innocent until proven guilty.

A new book,…

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  1. Image: Modern family
    Modern family

    Bettina Arndt speaks to CPX about families and the best environments for raising children.

  2. Image: Life and Faith: Rewriting Jesus
    Life and Faith: Rewriting Jesus

    Life and Faith speaks to author Peter McKinnon about his new book, The Songs of Jesse Adams.  

  3. Image: Christianity, Paul and the body
    Christianity, Paul and the body

    Paula Gooder discusses the significance of Paul and his writings.

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CPX in the Media

Religion has its flaws but it has a right to be heard - In the Herald Sun, Barney Zwartz responded to an earlier article by columnist Tom Elliot, which claimed that religion was flawed and should remain private.
A letter to my church about Islam - As fears about Islamic State echo around the West, John Dickson urges members of his church to shun simplified understandings of Islam and instead meet Muslims with love and friendship. The letter was then published at The Drum
Recovering the Sabbath: Rest and the Culture of Work - Are you too busy? Natasha Moore suggests that Sabbath is an ancient practice that speaks directly to modern maladies at ABC Religion and Ethics
The Issue: Religion, Violence and the Secular State - Richard Shumack joined a panel on ABC Sunday Nights to discuss the dynamic between religion, violence and the secular state.
Dawkins, Down Syndrome and the Bankrupt Logic of Utilitarianism - At ABC Religion and Ethics, Barney Zwartz responds to Richard Dawkins' claim that it would be immoral not to abort a baby with Down-Syndrome.