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The First Image of the Cross

It is commonplace to point out how shocking it is that Christians made a ‘cross’ the symbol of their faith. Crucifixion, after all, was the ultimate punishment in the Roman period, considered even more shameful than the other principal methods of capital punishment, beheading and burning alive. Yet, it has always been taught—in fact, I think I might have taught…

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  1. Image: Life and Faith: Love, Life and Hitler
    Life and Faith: Love, Life and Hitler

    Elizabeth Avery Scott discusses Dietrich Bonhoeffer and her new play Love, Lies and Hitler  

  2. Image: Policy and Practice: inside Australia’s detention centres
    Policy and Practice: inside Australia’s detention centres

    Greg Lake discusses managing a detention centre and why his faith led him to resign.

  3. Image: Life and Faith: Australia’s Christian Heritage
    Life and Faith: Australia’s Christian Heritage

    Does Australia have a Christian heritage and if so where do we see it?  

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