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Why everyone should give the Bible 100 pages

The Bible is a literary "classic", perhaps the literary classic. And like many other works in the literary canon, the Bible can be hard going. It requires thoughtful reading, at a slow pace, preferably with a few footnotes helping us bridge the cultural divide. You might not like it at first, maybe for a hundred pages or more. Eventually, its subtle…

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  1. Image: The Art of Belonging
    The Art of Belonging

    Hugh Mackay discusses his new book about finding community in the age of the individual.

  2. Image: Tim Winton: The Writing Process
    Tim Winton: The Writing Process

    Tim Winton spoke to CPX about the process involved in creating characters and stories.

  3. Image: An odd-shaped key
    An odd-shaped key

    John Stackhouse discusses the weirdness and plausibility of Christianity

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