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Grand Designs

Years ago when our children were really small we lived in a house that my wife and I both hated. It wasn’t just the rats that periodically crashed through the kitchen cupboards at night, or the slugs that would come through the holes in the floor whenever it rained. And it wasn’t only the original and barely functioning kitchen, unchanged…

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  1. Image: Life and Faith: Sabbath Rest
    Life and Faith: Sabbath Rest

    Life and Faith considers the concept of sabbath and how it can transform our too-busy lives.  

  2. Image: View from the Faraway Pagoda
    View from the Faraway Pagoda

    Robert and Linda Banks discuss the life of Sophie Newton, an early Australian missionary to China.

  3. Image: Life and Faith: The 100-page Challenge
    Life and Faith: The 100-page Challenge

    John Dickson suggests that the Bible - like every literary classic - deserves at least 100 pages.  

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CPX in the Media

The Issue: Religion, Violence and the Secular State - Richard Shumack joined a panel on ABC Sunday Nights to discuss the dynamic between religion, violence and the secular state.
Dawkins, Down Syndrome and the Bankrupt Logic of Utilitarianism - At ABC Religion and Ethics, Barney Zwartz responds to Richard Dawkins' claim that it would be immoral not to abort a baby with Down-Syndrome.
Why theology matters even if there is no god - Even if there is no god theology still offers great insight into modern thinking and, yes, even science, as the late Wolfhart Pannenberg proved, writes John Dickson at The Drum.
Atheism has a creation myth, too - Where does atheism come from? The account offered in Nick Spencer's recent book 'Atheists: The Origin of the Species' might surprise you, suggests Simon Smart at The Drum.
Ending religion won’t end the conflict - The Middle East conflict might not be the best advert for religion, but it is a na├»ve presumption to assume that getting rid of religion would make the world a better place, writes Michael Bird at The Drum.