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Lives of Faith


Image: Monday Matters

Monday Matters

Does faith have anything to say to our experiences of success and fulfilment - or boredom - at work?

Image: Development Economics: finding hope for the poor

Development Economics: finding hope for the poor

Catherine de Fontenay discusses the challenges involved in seeking to care for the poor.

Image: The Ethics of Business

The Ethics of Business

Dr Jennifer George talks about social responsibility, relational capital and business ethics.

Image: Life and Faith: Michael Schluter

Life and Faith: Michael Schluter

Michael Schluter speaks to CPX about the Western World's need to build relationships and community.

Image: Ethical Investment

Ethical Investment

Trevor Thomas explains what ethical investment is.

Image: A sustainable future

A sustainable future

Trevor Thomas examines how ethical investment can help work towards a sustainable future.

Image: Business ethics: beyond integrity

Business ethics: beyond integrity

Scott Rae on application of Christian faith in the world of business.

Image: Medical and Business Ethics

Medical and Business Ethics

CPX spoke to Philosophy and Ethics Professor Scott Rae