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CPX in the Media

‘Justice to the Complexity of Things’: The Miracle of Marilynne Robinson - Natasha Moore, writing for ABC Religion and Ethics, wonders how the novels of Marilynne Robinson can be both Christian and mainstream literary fiction at the same time.
Fry v God: the comedian’s concerns aren’t new - Stephen Fry's question about why he should respect a God who "creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain" is a valid one, says Simon Smart, writing for The Drum - and one that the Bible itself doesn't ignore.
Rising tide of cynicism towards the Bible - John Dickson appeared on Fox News to discuss his new book, A Doubter's Guide to the Bible.
‘Have you escaped religion? We have!’ The billboard that will make Christians cross - Sydney Atheists have commissioned a billboard urging people to 'escape religion': quoted Simon Smart on why Christians actually needn't be 'cross' about the move.
Yes, Jesus existed … but relax, you can still be an atheist if you want to - At Online Opinion Michael Bird responds to the "wild fantasies" of those who claim there was no historical Jesus.