Simon Smart

Image: Free Like A Bird

Free Like A Bird

How one couple found love, peace and hope, while seeking asylum in Australia.

Image: The Permanent Resident

The Permanent Resident

Our literature is not as diverse as our streets, schools, playgrounds and offices.

Image: Rebroadcast: Identity Complex

Rebroadcast: Identity Complex

The number of people who have "no religion" is rising in the West – but what does this mean?

Image: A White Man’s World

A White Man’s World

There’s sadness and hope on the long road towards Aboriginal recognition and reconciliation.

Image: No Angel

No Angel

An ex-con’s journey from prison, to a stint in the Army, to holding High Anglican Mass in London.

Image: How Grand to Be A Toucan

How Grand to Be A Toucan

The illustrious life of Dorothy L. Sayers - novelist, woman of letters, and public Christian.

Image: The Ring of Truth

The Ring of Truth

An atheist, a Taliban leader, and a teenager fighting cancer respond to the Bible.

Image: An Empty Plate

An Empty Plate

The Corbetts arrived in Everton ready to fight losing battles - but they’re winning some too.

Image: The Missing Theology of Art

The Missing Theology of Art

How a plain white tablecloth and a dingy tavern scene can point to the divine.

Image: Not in Polite Company

Not in Polite Company

Nothing is off limits when it comes to social media - not even religion and politics.

Image: Anzac Gospel

Anzac Gospel

What does the sacrifice of Jesus have to do with the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women?

Image: The generation brought up on self-esteem is struggling

The generation brought up on self-esteem is struggling

Simon Smart weighs the tenets of the self-esteem movement against the starkness of the Easter story.

Image: The Cost of Sacrifice

The Cost of Sacrifice

To sacrifice for Queen and country is one thing, but would you lay down your life for an enemy?

Image: A History of Non-violence

A History of Non-violence

It’s often said that religion is a cause of war - but can it also be a cause of peace?

Image: A Public Book

A Public Book

Why the Bible is more than a religious text - it’s a book that gives meaning and unites people.

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