Simon Smart

Image: The Story of Gender

The Story of Gender

Professor Sarah Williams on the importance of language and history when it comes to gender.

Image: Diagnosis: Terminal

Diagnosis: Terminal

Phil Camden has Motor Neurone Disease - and robust hope for the future.

Image: I Don’t Judge Anyone (Except Christians)

I Don’t Judge Anyone (Except Christians)

For actor Anna McGahan, Christianity flipped the logic of life and of the entertainment industry.

Image: Rebroadcast: Music and the Mind

Rebroadcast: Music and the Mind

How a music professor uses playlists and sing-a-longs to engage people living with dementia.

Image: Not an Inspiration

Not an Inspiration

How a spinal cord injury revealed to Shane Clifton both the wonder and fragility of life.

Image: Rebroadcast: Good Grief

Rebroadcast: Good Grief

A songwriter and a philosopher contemplate death, loss and what it means to grieve well.

Image: The Good Book?

The Good Book?

An historian, a poet, and a former lawyer discuss the Bible in Australian history and culture.

Image: Rebroadcast: Exceptional

Rebroadcast: Exceptional

Marilynne Robinson on the beauty, ingenuity and tragedy of the human person. 1

Image: The History Gap

The History Gap

What happens when we stop listening to people from other times and places?

Image: Free Like A Bird

Free Like A Bird

How one couple found love, peace and hope, while seeking asylum in Australia.

Image: The Permanent Resident

The Permanent Resident

Our literature is not as diverse as our streets, schools, playgrounds and offices.

Image: Rebroadcast: Identity Complex

Rebroadcast: Identity Complex

The number of people who have "no religion" is rising in the West – but what does this mean?

Image: A White Man’s World

A White Man’s World

There’s sadness and hope on the long road towards Aboriginal recognition and reconciliation.

Image: No Angel

No Angel

An ex-con’s journey from prison, to a stint in the Army, to holding High Anglican Mass in London.

Image: How Grand to Be A Toucan

How Grand to Be A Toucan

The illustrious life of Dorothy L. Sayers - novelist, woman of letters, and public Christian.

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