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Lives of Faith


Image: Life & Faith: Long Live

Life & Faith: Long Live

Doing good is actually good for you. Stephen Post explains why.

Image: Life & Faith: Notes on Blindness

Life & Faith: Notes on Blindness

An unusual new film tracks theologian John Hull’s experience of losing his sight.

Image: The meaningful universe

The meaningful universe

A Christian physicist and an atheist filmmaker look for answers together in a new documentary.

Image: Life & Faith: Ten Commandments

Life & Faith: Ten Commandments

John Dickson explains how ten ancient instructions have shaped Western ideas about the good life.

Image: Life & Faith: Field Hospital

Life & Faith: Field Hospital

The role of the church in today’s metaphorical battlefields is to heal wounds - not inflict them.

Image: Creativity and transcendence

Creativity and transcendence

Tim Winton describes creative pursuits as “food for the human spirit”.

Image: Life & Faith: Beyond Belief

Life & Faith: Beyond Belief

Hugh Mackay’s latest book explores the role of religion in finding meaning and purpose in life.

Image: Life & Faith: By The Book

Life & Faith: By The Book

Suffering from a broken heart, or a broken leg? Reading a book may be the cure you’re looking for.

Image: Life & Faith: Exceptional

Life & Faith: Exceptional

Marilynne Robinson on the beauty, ingenuity and tragedy of the human person. 1

Image: Life & Faith: A Religious World

Life & Faith: A Religious World

To be irreligious is to live as a stranger in this world, says Dutch philosopher Evert-Jan Ouweneel. 1

Image: Life & Faith: Music and the Mind

Life & Faith: Music and the Mind

How a music professor uses playlists and sing-a-longs to engage people living with dementia.

Image: Artist God

Artist God

Where does creativity fit within the flourishing human life?

Image: Life & Faith: On Terror

Life & Faith: On Terror

Looking beyond the global threat of terrorism to the local, everyday reality of extremism and fear.

Image: Life & Faith: Adoption

Life & Faith: Adoption

Determining the best interests of a child in adoption is a complex balancing act of ethical issues.

Image: Life & Faith: Good Grief

Life & Faith: Good Grief

A songwriter and a philosopher contemplate death, loss and what it means to grieve well.

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