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Professor Peter Harrison was formerly Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford, and is now Director of the Centre for the History of European Discourses at the University of Queensland. He’s written extensively on the topic of the true history of science and religion, and delivered CPX’s 2015 Richard Johnson lecture, entitled “The End of Faith: has science made religion obsolete?” 

This special interview showcases Professor Harrison’s expertise as one of the world’s leading science and religion scholars, covering everything from the original meanings of religio and scientia to the place of original sin in the origins of modern science - and the question of whether studying science leads people to lose their faith. 


Science and religion? Or science vs religion?

New Atheism and the idea of God

Definitional debate: the changing meaning of words

Ancient vs Modern: science then and now

Surprising contributions to science (i): original sin

Surprising contributions to science (ii): the Bible, literally

Case study one: Galileo

Case study two: Darwin

The curious persistence of the “conflict myth”

The new priesthood: scientists as cultural authorities

The theist’s guarantee: can we trust our minds?

A scientist’s faith

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