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Lives of Faith


Image: Know Thyself

Know Thyself

Brian Rosner probes the different ways we construct our own identity.

Image: Life or Death

Life or Death

Sarah Williams reflects on the loss of a child, and how we earn the right to be human.

Image: The World We Know

The World We Know

Five minutes with Amy Orr-Ewing on why you might consider trusting – and reading! – the Bible.

Image: Diagnosis: Terminal

Diagnosis: Terminal

Phil Camden has Motor Neurone Disease - and robust hope for the future.

Image: The Religion of Football

The Religion of Football

Troy Murphy serves as a chaplain to the Green Bay Packers.

Image: The History Gap

The History Gap

What happens when we stop listening to people from other times and places?

Image: Is Christianity Bad News for Women?

Is Christianity Bad News for Women?

Amy Orr-Ewing delivers the 2017 Richard Johnson Lecture, “Is Christianity Bad News for Women?”

Image: Anzac Gospel

Anzac Gospel

What does the sacrifice of Jesus have to do with the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women?

Image: Why Bother with History?

Why Bother with History?

David Bebbington on the pleasures, the uncertainty, and - yes - the utility of the study of history.

Image: What is an evangelical?

What is an evangelical?

David Bebbington’s definition of this controversial movement is the one most used by historians.

Image: Choosing Hope

Choosing Hope

A teacher who survived the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre speaks about moving forward after tragedy.

Image: For the Love of God: Interviews Sneak Peek

For the Love of God: Interviews Sneak Peek

Highlights from some of the experts we've interviewed for our upcoming documentary.

Image: The Surprising Rise of Trump

The Surprising Rise of Trump

William Cavanaugh’s pre-election analysis is vindicated by the post-election reality.

Image: Counterintuitive Colonialism

Counterintuitive Colonialism

Robert Woodberry has discovered a surprising link between missions and democracy.

Image: White-collar confessions

White-collar confessions

Cameron Watt explains why he’s actually grateful for the experience of life on the inside.

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