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Lives of Faith

A Public Book

Why the Bible is more than a religious text - it’s a book that gives meaning and unites people. —- “The Bible can be a place of unity between Christians and Muslims, Christians of different hues, Christians and non-Christians … it’s a public book around which we can unite.” In…

Son of a Communist

As Mongolia turned from communism to democratic rule, this man turned from atheism to faith. —- “In Communism, you’re basically living under fear. But whatever I read from the Bible, it gave me this sense of freedom from fear.” When Batjargal Tuvshintsengel was nine years old, he was recruited to…

Why Bother with History?

“A lot of people get a great deal of pleasure out of history. And I think history is important simply for enhancing the quality of life.” David Bebbington is Professor of History at the University of Stirling in Scotland - and he thinks history is both important and enjoyable. Simon…

Two Years to Live

Phil Camden has Motor Neurone Disease but hope lights his path in the shadow of death. —- “It’s strange because for the first little while you’re thinking: at least we found out what it is, we can work on it. But then they tell you there’s no known cause or…

Street Pastors

Showing love to the vulnerable, drunk and disorderly on the streets of Melbourne. —- “I was never good around drunks. I’d rather just walk the other way, dodge around them and have nothing to do with them. Since I’ve started doing the Street Pastor walks, I’ve grown. I’ve learnt that…

What is an evangelical?

“Evangelical” is a dirty word in many circles today. But how many people know what it actually means? David Bebbington, Professor of History at the University of Stirling in Scotland, is well-known for his definition of evangelicalism, referred to as the “Bebbington quadrilateral”. In this interview, he explains the quadrilateral,…

The Long Shadow of Slavery

A confronting - and deeply personal - look at the roots of racial division in the US. —- “We still live under the long shadow of the plantation. Indeed, freedoms have been spread to a larger group of people over time, but that spread has been at the cost of…

Healing After Abortion

Putting aside the politics to talk about the real struggles some men and women face after abortion. —- “It’s usually surrounded with secrecy, it’s not something they talk about casually like they would that they’re going to go get a breast implant and there’s a bad job done or a…

Choosing Hope

On Friday morning, 14 December 2012, Kaitlin Roig-Debellis was teaching her first-grade class at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. When she heard gunfire outside her classroom, she hurried her 15 students into a tiny bathroom in order to escape the gunman. “I can’t ever move on from that…


A Jesuit priest finds himself in an unexpected role as consultant on a Martin Scorsese film. —- “What would you do for them? Pray? And get what in return? Only more suffering. The suffering only you can end, not God. I prayed too, Rodrigues, it doesn’t help. Go on. Pray.…

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