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Lives of Faith

White-collar confessions

Cameron Watt got the shock of his life when he was sent to jail for two and a half years after being convicted of a white collar crime. In this interview he tells his story and - amazingly enough - explains why he’s grateful for the experience of life on…

Life & Faith: A church for women?

In the second century, a Greek writer called Celsus criticised Christianity as a religion of women, children and slaves - that is to say, a religion not to be taken seriously. But Christianity is much more likely to be condemned today, not for being a religion of women, but a…

Life & Faith: Crusades

“Religion is the cause of all wars.” This is a popular assumption in the West – but also a lazy one. History suggests the relationship between religion and violence is much more complicated. One of the best-known episodes of violence in the history of the Christian church is the Crusades.…

Dispatches from the former USSR

Victor Akhterov knows a bit about suffering and spiritual hunger. He grew up in eastern Ukraine under the Soviet regime, where his father - once a physicist in Moscow - was a political prisoner due to his Christian faith. He is the Director of the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC),…

Life & Faith: The Evolution of the West

In 2017, the Centre for Public Christianity will release a documentary, For the Love of God: How the Church Is Better and Worse Than You Ever Imagined. It takes a deep dive into the history of Christianity in the West, and unpacks its influence on our society and culture. Some…

Life & Faith: Going Nuclear

Nuclear fusion energy has been heralded as the answer to the global energy crisis, a virtually endless – and cleaner – source of power that will last several generations. If there’s anyone who should be singing its praises the loudest, it’s Professor Ian Hutchinson from MIT, a leader in this…

Life & Faith: Model meets Designer

At 14 years of age, Tracy Trinita entered the Elite Model Look Competition - and won. The Balinese schoolgirl soon found herself gracing the runways of Paris, Milan and New York for the world’s biggest fashion houses. She was living her dream – a life of beauty and glamour, riches…

Nick Cave and the trauma that stopped him telling stories

It's going to take a few days to recover from seeing One More Time With Feeling. The film companion to Nick Cave’s new album, Skeleton Tree, is 112 minutes of guilt, emptiness and boundless loss. In these black and white frames, we meet an artist who, far from the macabre…

Life & Faith: Where did we come from?

It’s one of life’s biggest questions: where did we come from? Since ancient times, philosophers and scientists have offered answers – and so has religion. But they don’t always say the same thing. These differences are often highlighted in the classic science vs religion debate that pits, for example, evolution…

The Human Predicament

What does it mean to be both material and non-material creatures? How can art help us negotiate that reality? And what light do Christian ideas like “incarnation” shed on the relationship of body to spirit? Trevor Hart is a pastor and Honorary Professor at the University of St Andrews in…

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