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Lives of Faith

Life & Faith: Adoption

“It’s a mixed blessing to see yourself in your kids,” says Geoff Broughton, the rector at Paddington Anglican Church in Sydney. He’s only half joking. As an adopted child, the first time he met a ‘blood relative’ was at the birth of his son. Watching his son grow up and…

Life & Faith: Good Grief

Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes. But if death is something we all face at some point, and grief is part of the human experience, we talk about them surprisingly little. In fact, it’s something we don’t necessarily do all that well as a culture. “The word…

Not for Kids

The availability of online pornography has been called one of the biggest unconscious social experiments ever conducted. Research has shown that more than 90% of boys under the age of 16, and around 60% of girls, have visited a porn site online, and this exposure is having significant effects on…

Life & Faith: Leadership, Justice and Creativity

Creativity is for everyone and adults can enjoy fairytales too, according to Ken Wytsma. “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” You’ve probably said that before, or heard someone say that before. But Ken Wytsma won’t say it. And if he hears it, he won’t believe it. “Artistic…

Friendship and faith

What has faith given you? “Friends”, responds Stanley Hauerwas, Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke University. In this interview, he talks with Simon Smart about the centrality of friendship to the Christian life, suffering, the need for a sense of humour, and why a radical social ethic is a natural…

Life & Faith: Museum of the Bible

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time - today, over 100 million copies a year are either sold or given away for free around the world. It’s also had an immeasurable impact on the world, for better and for worse. In 2017, the Bible is getting its own…

Life & Faith: Disagreeing Well

More than ever, left and right and ‘us and them’ seem like interminable divides, which makes it harder than ever to live productively alongside, and argue peaceably with, those with whom we disagree. What art is there to learning to disagree well, and what can Christianity offer in this regard?…

Opiate of the masses?

Dr Brian Grim is President of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation and a leading expert on the socio-economic impact of restrictions on religious freedom and international religious demography. He was on the spot when the USSR was dissolved, and has taught in both Soviet Russia and in China. Here…

Life and Faith: Love Thy Neighbour

A Sydney siege survivor and the Anglican Dean of Sydney reflect on the ‘golden rule’ this Easter – love your neighbour as yourself. “I honestly was freaking out. I thought I had a terrorist next to me.” Have you ever made a snap judgment based on how a person looked,…

The Resurrection: Ancient History?

Darrell Bock is Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is an expert in the historical Jesus and issues surrounding the authenticity and reliability of the New Testament documents. He is the author of more than twenty books and commentaries, including Breaking the Da Vinci Code,…

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