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Lives of Faith

Life & Faith: Love in the Time of ISIS

Persecution – suffering and dying for what you believe in – is something that Christians have faced from the start – from the days of being thrown to the lions! Today, Christians in Northern Iraq have abandoned their homes and fled for their lives, or they have been captured and…

Life & Faith: Looking Over the Fence

When people say that we live in a secular society, what does that really mean? In this episode of Life & Faith, we explore the original meaning of secularism and track its development to the present day. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson kicks us off with a few reflections on…

Life & Faith: Based On A True Story

Mark Leach’s life reads like the script of a blockbuster movie. There’s diamond smuggling, war and conflict, some romance, and a couple of major plot twists. He was born in a village in Zambia, trained as a doctor in South Africa, and is now based in Sydney as an Anglican…

The Surprising Rise of Trump

William T. Cavanaugh, Professor of Theology at DePaul University in Chicago, comments on what’s surprising - and not so surprising - about the rise of Donald Trump. We spoke with Professor Cavanaugh while he was in Sydney to deliver CPX’s annual Richard Johnson Lecture in July 2016, and his reflections…

Life & Faith: Transgender Identity

Gender and gender identity is one of the most fraught issues of our time. We run into gender stereotypes everywhere from nursery rhymes to department store catalogues, and much of our lives is ordered around the categories of male and female - school uniforms, bathrooms, and Olympic sporting events are…

Life & Faith: The Elephant NOT in the Room

The relationship between religion and the media in the West has a long history. The first newspapers were often printed on the very same presses that were used to publish Bibles, and the first radio broadcast on Christmas Eve in 1906 included a reading from the Bible. But times have…

Counterintuitive Colonialism

The modern stereotypes about colonial missionaries all seem to be negative - sometimes with good historical reason. But there’s another story to be told about the impact of Christian missions. In this interview, Robert Woodberry, Associate Professor of Political Science at the National University of Singapore, tells the remarkable and…

Life & Faith: Compassionate Conservatism

Dr Marvin Olasky is a leading proponent of compassionate conservatism – two words we don’t often hear together. But it’s not just political word candy. According to Olasky, it’s a philosophy that could transform the current US welfare system for the better. And, it’s worked before. In his book, Compassionate…

Life & Faith: The Untold Story of Slavery

This month on Life & Faith, we’ve heard from experts and scholars about the influence of Christianity in the West. It’s all part of a sneak peek at our documentary due for release in 2016, For the Love of God: How the church is better and worse than you ever…

White-collar confessions

Cameron Watt got the shock of his life when he was sent to jail for two and a half years after being convicted of a white collar crime. In this interview he tells his story and - amazingly enough - explains why he’s grateful for the experience of life on…

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