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Lives of Faith

How Grand to Be A Toucan

The illustrious life of Dorothy L. Sayers - novelist, woman of letters, and public Christian. —- “… a woman is just as much an ordinary human being as a man, with the same individual preferences, and with just as much right to the tastes and preferences of an individual. What…

The Ring of Truth

An atheist, a Taliban leader, and a teenager fighting cancer respond to the Bible. —- “At the heart of one of the most violent regimes the world has known, there was someone who was wanting to read the Bible but had never had the opportunity.” The Bible first made its…

An Empty Plate

The Corbetts arrived in Everton ready to fight losing battles - but they’re winning some too. —- “Listen to me. You’re grown-ups. This is bad. You are being bad unless you do something about it.” The words of a seven-year-old kid living in Everton, Liverpool. He had just drawn a…

The Missing Theology of Art

How a plain white tablecloth and a dingy tavern scene can point to the divine. —- “The very idea of making a painting of something had a very deep Christian purpose - at the beginning. Though at a certain juncture, it became very important for that to be set aside,…

Not in Polite Company

Nothing is off limits when it comes to social media - not even religion and politics. —- “On social media, you get a mix of baby pictures, sentimental quotes, and Instagram photos. So it can be kind of jarring to see someone who has a very impassioned point of view…

Anzac Gospel

Colonel Craig Bickell has served in the Australian Defence Force for the last 27 years. At the time of year when we celebrate both Easter and Anzac Day, he reflects on the value of sacrifice in relation to both his army service and his Christian faith.

The Cost of Sacrifice

To sacrifice for Queen and country is one thing, but would you lay down your life for an enemy? —- “Australian service men and women serve for their Queen, their country and their comrades. They do that willingly, and they do that well. But Christ laid down his life for…

A History of Non-violence

It’s often said that religion is a cause of war - but can it also be a cause of peace? —- “Part of what makes religion such a powerful motivator in support for peace, is also what makes it a powerful motivator in support for violence.” An eye for an…

Is Christianity Bad News for Women?

Amy Orr-Ewing delivers the 2017 Richard Johnson Lecture, “Is Christianity Bad News for Women?” The 2nd-century Greek philosopher Celsus famously dismissed Christianity as a religion of women, children, and slaves – that is to say, not to be taken seriously. But Christianity is much more likely to be condemned today,…

A Public Book

Why the Bible is more than a religious text - it’s a book that gives meaning and unites people. —- “The Bible can be a place of unity between Christians and Muslims, Christians of different hues, Christians and non-Christians … it’s a public book around which we can unite.” In…

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